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                 02/19/2018 10:52 PM  
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07/25/2002 11:03 AM ID: 23768 Permalink   

Congress Says Americans Can Travel To Cuba


The US Congress yesterday voted to allow US citizens to travel to Cuba and to lift bans on selling food and medicine to the island state, but President Bush has already said he will veto the bill.

Supporters of the bill argued "Americans can travel to North Korea and Iran, two thirds of the 'axis of evil', but not to Cuba," and that "Our government shouldn't tell us where to travel."

There have been accusations that Bush's refusal to sign the bill is because his brother in governor of Florida, the state with the most Cuban exiles who don't want US citizens to travel there.

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What is the point of going to Cuba other than to see family, and most Cubans do not want to go back. EDITED BY ADMIN: YOU ALL KNOW THE RULES - NO RACISM!!!!
  by: NoOpinions     07/25/2002 12:39 PM     
  a few notes  
NoOpinion, tourism is the biggest draw. Some 60,000 Americans go illegally each year to Cuba, primarily through Canada and Mexico. The numbers would be considerable if it were made legal. Right now, Cubans can already get travel waivers to visit relatives, particularly for illness. Waivers are also granted for students, reporters, and researchers.

BTW, anna's summary implies that it has passed both houses of Congress and needs only the president's signature. It still has to pass the Senate, I believe, and that might not be easy. Bush may not have to veto it if it never gets to his desk.
  by: CarloSkippy     07/26/2002 01:31 AM     
Have you ever actaully been to cuba? It is not some "filthy little country"... Hell it is cleaner than most US cities, I do not support the communist regime there however I do have to hand it to the government that they are the most literate and educated people in a developing country I have ever seen. THere are no starving people. As a billboard I saw in Cuba states it "300,00 children will be sleeping on the streets tonight and none of them are cuban" I find it ironic that the US has an embargo against a harmless little country (it was just used by the soviet union anyways) and it is involved in open trade with Vietnam and China. I guess communism is okay for the US as long as it is far away.
  by: abu_sme   07/26/2002 05:57 AM     
  I think sometimes NoOpinions has  
opinions about things that s/he has no idea about.

Cuba has some of the best health care in Latin America and the highest literacy rate. You'll also find that measured by caloric intake, most Cubans reasonably well-fed, particularly when compared with some other Caribbean neighbors with ostensibly capitalist economies.
  by: CarloSkippy     07/27/2002 01:40 AM     
Cuba is not how you think it is... You've just heard that is like that because US capitalists want you to think communism is bad.. well, is not bad at all.

I bet most of you, so called anti-communists, don't even know what communism is all about... just because there have been a few bad examples of communism (Soviet Union was all corrupted, China just want to control everything their people does) it doesn't mean that communis/socialism is all about oppressing people and let them starve..
The Marxism Ideal is about everyone having the same rights, the same chances, the same salary... that no one should be above anyone.. there should be no social or racial divisions... Everyone should have the right of education, housing, food, IF they work for the common cause (to improve the country, and lifestyles of everyone in it) let's say, something like an utopia

Fidel Castro have been trying to do so... and he has almost done it. The only problem is that there was not enough money to get everyone to have a great lifestyle, so they all have to be something a bit lower than our capitalist mid-class. that's why in 1992-1993 there were some reforms in the law that let people o have and trade in dollars, what has caused since a certain division between the ones that have more dollars and the ones that doesn't.

Cuba's educational and health systems are ones of the best there are. Other problem is that there are too much people educated in certain careers that they're jobless and they have to work in areas that they're not well prepared for.

I think a great number of people in the US would like to visit Cuba, not just for the tourism, but for studying the lifestyle and people there (at least that's what i would do... i will, if when i'm older (something like 18yrs old) still there is a communist/socialist regime...

i think that is all i've to say...

sincerely yours,
A proud teenager whose head is filled with marxists ideals
  by: opinions   07/27/2002 09:25 AM     
Hey, about the Cuban forum, it wasn't me that submitted the comment. I use a public computer and never logged off. Sorry if "the lack of" my actions cause any offense, just remember it wasn't me. Thanks :)
  by: NoOpinions     07/29/2002 08:32 PM     
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