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                 01/18/2018 08:44 PM  
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08/02/2002 04:59 PM ID: 24035 Permalink   

Pensioner Granted Free Beer - For The Rest Of His Life


A pensioner from Norfolk has been going to the same pub for 60 years. For the first time he came in when he was 15 to drink some shandy.

Now the pub has given him free beer for the rest of his life as a present on his 75th birthday.

The pensioner said he was very grateful. He is not going to change his drinking habits just because drinking is free now.

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the title is kinda misleading... the old man might live past 75 years... unless of course lil can see the future ;)
  by: cia agent orange     08/02/2002 05:03 PM     
nah, he'll get free beer until he dies. as much as he likes.
it's maybe the second paragraph that went wrong but i cant change it now.
  by: littleLudmila     08/02/2002 05:07 PM     
  ok ok  
updated it a little there for you :)

if you don't like it - let me know and i'll change it back around.

  by: newsmaker     08/02/2002 05:27 PM     
good on them ;0)
  by: christopher   08/03/2002 03:18 AM     
  mmm, free beeeeeer !  
lucky old f#$%er.. mind, i wonder how much he has spent at that pub over the last 60 years to get his "free" beer.
he will probably die of alcohol abuse now.. * waves byebye to old mans liver *

* Post edited by CC
  by: B_A_D_B_O_Y_U_K   08/04/2002 01:39 PM     
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