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                 02/23/2018 01:44 AM  
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08/06/2002 05:44 AM ID: 24134 Permalink   

College Teacher Wanted Sex in Exchange for Passing Grade


Brian Alan Coats of Jonesboro, Arkansas, was charged with kidnapping after a female student, 19, said he went to her house and attacked her after she refused to have sex with him to get a passing grade. Coats was working at Arkansas State University.

Coats, currently suspended, was working in the Computer Science and Mathematics Department. The teenager had just taken her finals scoring 67 when she needed 72 to pass. "After she found out what she had made on the test, she was approached by [Coats]"

The woman was told she could retake the test in the form of a game of strip poker one question at a time: "Every question missed...resulted in more graphic conduct of a sexual nature, including oral sex." The woman made a break for it and called 911.

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Anyone know of a college where *hot* female professors want to have sex in exchange for an A? I am a straight A student now, but, hey, I can easily try to fail.

  by: NoOpinions     08/06/2002 10:57 PM     
I know several male instructures that have been approached by female students offering sex for passing grades. It doesn't just go one way. It's very sad, though. Most (but not all) undergraduate classes are jokes.
  by: CarloSkippy     08/07/2002 05:12 AM     
  at his house?  
I am curious as to how exactly she ended up at his house. So what was she willing to strip for the grade but not put out? I mean I and not definding the prof who is asking for sex for grades but it does not sound like she was totaly agaisnt some favors being exchanged
  by: gtg833b     08/08/2002 06:29 PM     
  my bad  
i must havce misread that one he came to her house...well that explains a lot
  by: gtg833b     08/08/2002 06:30 PM     
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