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                 01/22/2018 03:35 AM  
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01/04/2001 10:24 AM ID: 2443 Permalink   

Hottest Search Terms of 2000


The terms most searched for on the Internet indicate what people are talking about, wondering about, thinking about. The most important topics of our culture. And who was the most discussed in the Year 2000?

Not surprisingly, top on many of the lists was pop star Britney Spears. Runners-up were Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z, Pamela Anderson, Eminem, and N'Sync.

Current events were popular: "presidential election" briefly eclipsed Britney's top spot. Also, useful subjects like Napster, Warez, and MP3. And the age-old favorite - on Alta Vista, which doesn't censor its list, "sex" was number one.

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  ludmila cultureless and uncivilized.  
i have never heard of at least one of these cultural topics.


im so uneducated and uninterested. im very disappointed. and the rest isnt to interesting either (to me).
exept sex maybe, but thats something i get elsewhere. by the way: anyone's got experience and knows if altavistas a good lover? (no allergies, not vegan, not chain smoking, not to catholic, no divorced parents, many brothers and sisters, tall, younger than 55...)
ludmila being nosy
  by: Ludmila     01/04/2001 11:01 AM     
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