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                 01/16/2018 10:10 AM  
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01/04/2001 11:20 AM ID: 2447 Permalink   

Teen Hackers Become Cyber Cops


India has enlisted 19 teenaged hackers to join a panel of cybercops, aimed at increasing Internet security. "They are brilliant. They told me that within five minutes they can hack the (Indian) defense ministry Web site." said an industry official.

The hackers were selected because of their creativity and programming knowledge. Although they may have been involved in hacks, none of them has a criminal record.

The goal will be to shore up government web site defences to protect information and prevent the spread of viruses. Aside from the hackers, the panel also has policemen, members of India's Central Bureau of Investigation, and other officials.

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Could some kind admin please change the title from Tenn to Teen?


  by: SandraG     01/04/2001 11:26 AM     
  Woowoo :)  
Thanks :)
  by: SandraG     01/04/2001 02:38 PM     
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