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                 01/21/2018 01:41 PM  
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01/04/2001 11:54 AM ID: 2450 Permalink   

Tarantua Venom May Stop Heart Attacks


A report published today is claiming that the venom from tarantula spiders could help prevent atrial fibrillation which leads to heart disease and strokes.

A peptide, or part of a protein from the venom has been shown to slow the irregular heart beats of rabbits in tests and calm them down.

The venom acts to stop heart cells swelling during heart failure and thus allow easier beating.
Venom from the tunnel web spider has previously been found to be useful in treating other health problems.

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  Hee hee :)  
It leads to heart disease and large white birds that like to stand on one leg? Then the venom turns rabbits into clams?

Might want to fix the typos, though they make the article pretty amusing ;)
  by: SandraG     01/04/2001 12:00 PM     
  Hey cool  
I think I should leave them there - they are cool after all.
But cheers
  by: cameron     01/04/2001 12:18 PM     
  yes yes yes  
i lyke misdakes to.
  by: Ludmila     01/04/2001 01:37 PM     
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