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                 01/18/2018 05:00 AM  
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01/04/2001 05:45 PM ID: 2460 Permalink   

Apple Slashes Mac Prices By Up to $1,000


In an apparent attempt to move inventory, Apple Computers has cut the prices on a number of its top range computers.

A new PowerBook has dropped by $800 and a 450MHz Cube is down buy $300, but it is the G4 Servers that have had $1,000 taken off their price.

Apple had already announced it would make a loss for the last quarter of last year and it is now expected to unveil new Mac lines next week at its Expo in San Francisco.

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  Coming to an end?  
Could this be the end of Apple? Seriously with huge price cuts and already reporting they expect losses this isn't gonna be good. Investors will show apple how they feel.

Also apple isn't so strong any more. Back in the 80s and early 90s every school had an apple computer, for teacher and student use. Students where taught how to use apples. A PC compatible computer was a rare thing.

Now look there are hardly any more apples in schools well atleast compared to pc compatibles. either the school keeps them for basic use, word processing etc or they us throw them away. My school has done it throw away old apples. On apples still around are for staff us only they only use it to take attendance.

Only way I see apple can make it is to serious cut prices but still make a profit. So they will most likely need to get the parts cheaper. They need to think why should people buy an apple computer when they can get also the same performance for a cheaper price. I own a mac and its only purpose is to edit videos. Nothing else.
  by: herkulease   01/04/2001 06:44 PM     
  i like macs  
and because i like them i would spend a little more money on an apple computer.

people doing graphic design really need them - and English unis have them too... so why should they just disappear.

i know youre right, but id be very unhappy. so i wanna be optimistic.
  by: Ludmila     01/05/2001 09:17 AM     
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