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                 01/18/2018 04:55 AM  
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01/04/2001 06:06 PM ID: 2461 Permalink   

Glastonbury Festival 2001 Cancelled


Michael Eavis, organiser of the Glastonbury Festival has announced that this year's event has been cancelled after local authorities have complained.

He wants people to understand, that "the growing culture of fence-hopping has to be stopped". Mr Eavis considers spending a lot of money on a new high tech fence to make the festival more controlled.

He hopes that he'll be able keep gatecrashers out and to have a successful festival in 2002.

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Lots of people I know are not going to be happy about that one. It used to be a bit of a laugh - go talk to the security guys about where the best hole in the fence was - they never really cared.
  by: cameron     01/04/2001 06:08 PM     
well, absolutely no reason to go to England this summer... unless one knows people and places like miss i...
  by: Ludmila     01/04/2001 06:27 PM     
  sounds like...  
sounds like the trouble there was at the Isle of Wight Festival in the good old 60s (you might know the Festival vid, its on TV every now and then...) - in the end the guy who did the festival stood up on the stage and agreed that it was crap to try and put up fences and so he said love and peace to all and let everyone in. I think Glastonbury should do the same... peace, man!
by the way, i'm not going to GB either - i don't think i like it there as much as i used to, somehow :(
  by: miss i     01/05/2001 03:59 PM     
  hey hey  
whats happened... i cant see you unhappy!!!
  by: Ludmila     01/05/2001 04:06 PM     
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