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                 01/17/2018 09:10 PM  
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08/27/2002 03:15 PM ID: 24695 Permalink   

New Wonderpants Do for Men's Bulge What Wonderbra Does for Breasts


Marks & Spencer's created new underpants, called Urban Survivor, to lift men's tackle more or less in the same way as Wonderbra is used by women. The undies will be available next month in England for eight pounds each.

Girls seem to have liked the idea very much. "The pants are great. I am shocked that they can do that for a man. I couldn’t take my eyes off his bulge. Who says size doesn’t matter?", said receptionist Michelle Peak.

"They are great for a guy who has a maggot rather than a snake", says Tasmin Nother, credit controller. The source link article has photos of men with and without the wonderpants.

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  by: xedaps     08/28/2002 05:44 AM     
  What's wrong with...  
...using socks or a potato or something? Not that I have to use any of those things, no...of course not. My, uh, friend does though.
  by: foachon   08/28/2002 09:19 AM     
I hope these underpants dont lift and "seperate" like the wonder bra.
  by: unique   08/28/2002 10:28 AM     
  No fair  
now everyone will think my bulge's a fake
  by: binkzz   08/28/2002 11:44 AM     
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