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                 02/22/2018 05:30 PM  
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08/30/2002 04:34 AM ID: 24798 Permalink   

Umbro Drops Brand Name After 'Nazi Gas' Blunder


Umbro is going to review its policies after finding out that its Zyklon trainers/sneakers share their name with a crystal used to exterminate millions of Jews in concentration camps during Hitler's Nazi regime.

Umbro, makers of the England football team kit, said the name was not designed to have anything to do with the crystals and the mistake was purely coincidental. The name was chosen in 1999 by a designer and only appears on the boxes and not the shoe.

The co-founder of a holocaust center said: "I... find it hard to believe Umbro's assertion that the naming of the shoe was 'purely coincidental'." An Umbro spokesman said: "I think in future we will be checking the names we use more carefully."

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  These shoes may be made for goose-stepping  
Ah, first the Target thing, now this.

This shoe has been on sale since 1999, and _now_ they're getting upset about it?

Puh-leeze. Get a real job.
  by: NewsGuy   08/30/2002 12:13 PM     
  Funny That  
People are making more of a fuss over NAMES than actual terrorism. What a pathetic world we live in.
  by: occasional^blonde     08/30/2002 05:06 PM     
  Did anyone ever plunk "Zyklon" into a translator?  
Well, I did. I EVEN went around to numerous web sites trying to figure out what Zyklon was. Turns out Zyklon is German for "Cyclone" it has nothing to do with the chemical (well, it better not). And to further my point the chemical used was Zyklon B not just any old Zyklon, Zyklon B. And to elaborate on NewsGuy's point about them being on sale for this long -- does anyone else smell a frivilous lawsuit coming on?
  by: super_kman   08/30/2002 06:24 PM     
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