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                 01/21/2018 07:27 AM  
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09/10/2002 03:15 AM ID: 25143 Permalink   

Warning!: Critical Vunerability in Windows XP - D/L Service Pack


A vulnerability in Windows XP, that MS have known about for 11 weeks, allows anyone to put a link on a website that will wipe out hard drive directories (except Windows). The source says the vulnerability is likely to start being exploited soon!

The problem only affects Windows XP, the source advises you to tell everyone you know running XP to download the service pack and update their systems.

Another site gives you a quicker solution:

Perform a search for a file on your C drive called "uplddrvinfo.htm".
Once you have found the file, delete it or rename it. Doing so will not hinder your ability to use Windows XP.

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  To the people who are gonna say...  
I knew about this weeks ago... bleh bleh.. you may well have known about this but it has only just been released by the mainstream press to the public. Which means that if it had been reported earlier more people would have been vulnerable and I couldnt have used it was only rumor not "real news".
  by: JulesLady     09/10/2002 03:19 AM     
If they all knew it, they should have gotten off their lazy asses and friggin typed the story before you did!!!
  by: JFURY     09/10/2002 03:25 AM     
  I think  
this was cooked up by microsoft so they could get thier root access in to all amchines....All hail the Satanic Microsoft!
  by: Dan-o-mite   09/10/2002 04:15 AM     
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