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                 07/24/2014 10:26 AM  
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10/24/2002 03:37 AM ID: 26256 Permalink   

Man has sex with pumpkin - 90 days in jail


In Macomb in the US-State of Michigan 45-year-old Bill Patton has to go to jail for 90 days. He was caught in the basement of his home while having sex with a pumpkin.

People told the police that Bill Patton is an exhibitionist and likes to walk around naked in his back yard.

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  Fun for all...  
Whats wrong with having sex with a pumpkin if you want. In the privacy of his own home doesn't he have the right to do such a thing no matter how disgusting we think it is?
  by: Trent Steel   10/24/2002 04:08 AM     
  Weird but ....  
To each there own if it does not hurt anyone else. A pumkin? Hmm!
  by: InfoGirl   10/24/2002 04:59 AM     
  Whats wrong  
well the people who found out that he is doing such crazy act, is also violating his privacy, aren't they?

Also eventhough he is having sex with a pumpkin, but is he harming anyone? NO. Is he doing that in public? NO.

maybe the only charges they can sue him, is being naked in public.
  by: BC     10/24/2002 09:59 AM     
  Sick Sock!  
Was this the same dude that was caught by his wife having sex with a frozen chicken a few weeks ago?
  by: cavador   10/24/2002 10:15 AM     
I'm sure the police came over to arrest him for walking outside naked and when they found him he was getting it on with the pumpkin. The jail time is probally for the prior incident not the pumpkin.
  by: wbogle   10/24/2002 03:39 PM     
  Sure Hope.... one in his neighborhood carves out a pumpkin face with a round mouth...he may just get too excited and want a Halloween BJ. ;)
  by: KnightHeart     10/24/2002 03:51 PM     
  More Power to Him  
What is the big deal. He wasnt hurting anybody and it is his life. Shouldnt these cops and people be worried about killers and rapers? Sometimes, I just dont know.
  by: robbob     10/24/2002 04:05 PM     
  I agree  
there is a sniper out on the loose and they are worried about some guy screwing a pumpkin in his basement. Leave him alone he is in his own house.
  by: digital_darknes   10/24/2002 05:25 PM     
That is sick but ....I agree he wasnt hurting anyone... At least he didnt go out and rape somone~
  by: infoflux2000   10/24/2002 10:54 PM     
lol poor pumpkin...some people geez
  by: calvinj23   10/24/2002 11:33 PM     
  Sex With A Pumpkin - Thought For The Day  
the source is very slim on details so they don't say how he had sex with the pumpkin.

Everyone so far has been alluding to the guy drilling a hole into the pumpkin and then doin' the nasty with it.

But I think he was sitting on the pumpkin. The pumpkin's handle may have been specially shaped to look like something else and, well, you know... ;)
  by: NewsGuy   10/25/2002 12:02 AM     
U guys think they would charge him for going to other peoples porches and taking their pumpkins and raping them? I wonder how that would sound in court... hahahhaha
  by: trippedn007   11/12/2002 07:26 AM     
  Pumpkin Alternative  
You can do the exact same thing with a watermelon. Just warm it up in the microwave first and bust out your drill. Voila!
  by: Morgan B.   11/02/2010 05:36 PM     
  by: MannyisHere     11/02/2010 05:55 PM     
  god have mercy  
this was my old neighbor and i have a son he was talking to while my son played outside in our yard over the fence this man is very ill and yes i saw his sickness first hand all i could think about is what this sick man could have done to my son so all you fucks that want to scream privacy shit look at your kids and say he has rights he lost those rights by his choices..thank god for the courts although he needs to be put to sleep like a dog he has gone beyond help look at his history..go look at your kids and then tell me if you want to live next to him..god bless ya all..
  by: tgbtg   04/15/2011 07:30 PM     
American ´Pumpkin´ Pie. ;)
  by: Lurker     04/15/2011 07:45 PM     
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