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                 07/28/2014 02:23 PM  
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11/16/2002 12:53 AM ID: 26671 Permalink   

Husband To Go On Trial For Murder Of Woman With World's Largest Breasts


French authorities have decided to go ahead with the trial of Eric Vinge for the murder of his wife Lolo Ferrari, the holder of the Guinness record for the largest breasts in the world.

Ms Ferrari died in March 2000 from what initially was deemed to be prescription drug overdose. Later police found evidence showing that she died of asphyxiation, as well as Some inconsistencies in his testimony.

Lolo Ferrari was a presenter on the show Eurotrash, a stripper and a porn star. Her breasts, transformed by 20 operations, measured 54G. Eric Vinge denies any involvement in her death.

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there not to big you should see some of the ones i see on the net these things are like freaky that lolo has around normal pornstar me i seen alot bigger ;0)
  by: CONSPIRACY_MAN   11/16/2002 01:46 AM     
  damn no pic  
I wanna see big titties ;)
  by: NewsGuy   11/16/2002 02:19 AM     
Why would anyone want breasts that large?
  by: zedlarson   11/16/2002 03:55 AM     
  my opinion  
As a man, I'd have to say I find overly large breasts more disturbing than erotic.. they just kind of weird me out.. but maybe that's just me.

As for Mr. Ferrari.. perhaps he suddenly realized he's a leg-man.
  by: dtyler   11/16/2002 07:02 AM     
just goes to show that guyz arnt
always happy with big breasts.
  by: greyobjective   11/16/2002 02:17 PM     
  see em here  
  by: CONSPIRACY_MAN   11/16/2002 03:21 PM     
  No Doubt...  
The Law will soon get abreast of things :D
  by: Wolfsglen   11/16/2002 06:04 PM     
  It looks like  
her lips have been inflated too ;)
  by: NewsGuy   11/16/2002 06:46 PM     
  Not the largest.!  
No she didn't have the biggest chest puppies.The largest is Chelsea Charms.
She is about 69"LL .
You can see her on
  by: cavador   11/17/2002 11:05 AM     
You guys sure seem to know those URLs real well :D
  by: Wolfsglen   11/17/2002 10:29 PM     
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