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                 02/22/2018 05:41 PM  
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11/19/2002 06:45 AM ID: 26719 Permalink   

Indian Captain Sits Out Against West Indies


Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly, has announced that, due to an ongoing back problem, he will be sitting out the remaining one day cricket games against the West Indies, in order to be fit for the sides tour of New Zealand next month.

Ganguly has been playing nearly every game for the last seven months, and is finally feeling the strain of his effort. Vice captain Rahul Dravid will take over for the two matches left to play.

However, Ganguly is leaving more of a hole than his captaincy. India are now forced to find an opening batter to partner Virender Sehwag. The West Indies are currently leading the series 3-2 and India has lost Sachin Tendulkar, out with a hamstring.

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