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                 07/28/2014 06:13 AM  
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12/04/2002 06:35 AM ID: 27000 Permalink   

Man Claims Daughters' Virginity


A Quebec man charged with raping his own daughter reportedly told relatives, "Not just anyone will do my daughter first. I'm the one who is going to take her virginity."

Renald Cote is charged with sexual assault, incest and sodomy after allegedly having sex with his daughter on a number of occasions in past years.

According to witnesses testimony, the victim's brother also had sex with her.

In addition to the above mentioned charges, Cote also faces two separate charges of sexual assault in unrelated incidents.

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  Scum of the Earth  
he even raped her while she was in hospital dying of cancer. She's dead now at 22yrs - maybe a godsend that she doesn't have to go through anymore torture.

Hang this guy from the nearest and tallest tree.
  by: NewsGuy   12/04/2002 06:40 AM     
  I Guess Incest Is Best!  
When I read the original news story, I would have thought it occurred in Arkansas.
  by: Blevins     12/04/2002 06:43 AM     
Will people stop bleating on about Human Rights and just HANG that sorry f***?? No vile scumbag like that has a right to life let alone protection in a cosy penal system.
  by: Wolfsglen   12/04/2002 01:21 PM     
  Elect Me  
If I was in charge, this kind of person wouldn't have a prayer....even his excuse is pathetic. If all he wanted was his daughter's virginity, he would have only needed to rape her once. He is obviously the type who thinks he did nothing wrong, and in the eyes of far-leftists who believe "there is no right or wrong, just what's right or wrong for *you,*" he's totally justified. I'd take care of them, too....I'd house violent criminals with them in their own homes and see how quickly they back away from "criminal rights" and want to kill or keep their "housebuddy" locked up in jail.
  by: KnightHeart     12/04/2002 04:00 PM     
  Oddly enough....  
In some countries, this was a respected custom. In fact, didn't Victorian England or America have a rash of this happening at some point?

Not that I agree with it of course...
  by: Icehearted   12/04/2002 05:40 PM     
  Only in quebec...........  
....why am i not surprised. quebec is the shithole of the world. i had to live there for 9 years. if i wqas in charge id have that man and son thrown in a dark cell and melt the key. i would feed them enough so they could barley stay alive. if they tried suicide i would stop them. and i would have them raped by men for eternity. i get so pissed when i hear of ppl like that.
  by: jonno900   12/05/2002 12:21 AM     
jonno900 has got it..hands down. oh please let me watch. what a waste of good air and space for good ppls. holy cow. ick...makes my eyes feel dirty reading this shit.
  by: shewolf   12/05/2002 05:29 AM     
  hang him? you right wing extremists...  
... you all know he has his rights, as anyone. He has to be court cased, and if found guilty, he CAN NOT be hanged. He has a right to live, repent from his past sins (as the bible says) and have a decent live, be a good father...


... because he doesn't deserve to die so fast!!!! He should be locked for ever and ever and ever.
  by: brucehum     12/05/2002 12:30 PM     
I didn't know they had hillbilly's in Quebec!(Maybe that's where Dogwood Patch is!)
  by: cavador   12/07/2002 11:23 AM     
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