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                 02/23/2018 01:44 AM  
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12/04/2002 08:13 AM ID: 27001 Permalink   

Goverment plan Heroin on prescription


Heroin is to become available from the NHS on prescription. Anyone with a clinical need for Heroin should be able to become it legally as part of the governments new drugs strategy.

Access is still patchy across the nation.
A government spokesman said that the drug would only be available where other treatments had failed or doctors thought it would fail.

A separate link on the side takes you to a site which explains how the treatment should work.

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Once again, Tony Blair has decided to waste what is basically MY money on the scum of society: People who have deliberately taken drugs without a though for the consequences and are now addicted. The people who's only contribution to this country has been an increase in the crime rate, and Tony "by the criminal, for the criminal" Blair is doing just to win votes from these people. So far he's got Assylum seekers (hijack a plane, win a council house), criminals (break in, injure self, sue occupant), "minority groups" (make demands, recieve demands) and now drug addicts (come get yer fix).
  by: slamdaddy     12/04/2002 01:30 PM     
  Sounds Like....  
...Tony Blair needs to be "debugged" in a violent and final fashion. By encouraging and supporting criminals and potential criminals, he has become a criminal. He probably knows this and wants to make sure that the scum who will vote for him outnumber the decent people so that he can retain power come election time. The UK should force him out of power before he sends them all down the drain.
  by: KnightHeart     12/04/2002 03:56 PM     
  like I said once before  
Who's with me lads 'n' lasses?
  by: slamdaddy     12/05/2002 11:46 AM     
  Im with you  
And Blair himself must be on drugs to go pushing this filthy idea on everyone. Next the junkies will be suing people for not letting them steal their property to fund their addiction, as Slam said above you can already be sued for injuring a bloody burglar breaking in, and if they can now get their crap from the state at the expence of the state so why not take the next "tolerant" step?

Maybe i shouldnt have said that, some idiot is bound to take it up.
  by: Wolfsglen   12/05/2002 12:07 PM     
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