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                 01/21/2018 11:29 PM  
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12/04/2002 06:54 PM ID: 27008 Permalink   

Priest Describes Himself As "Second Coming Of Christ" To Get Laid


Recently released personnel files from the Archdiocese of Boston indicate that among things such as drug abuse, one priest actually told young would be nuns that he was the "Second Coming Of Christ" in order entice them into having sex with him.

The records, which were made public by order of the Supreme Court revealed an estimated 3000 pages of such cover-ups by the Catholic Church.

One priest was described as having sex with young boys and using cocaine.

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Yeah baby I'm the Christ, now work that alittle bit. (snorting coke) Bring on the alter boys. Gezzzzz These people are sooo screwed. The Catholic Church is going round the toilet bowl. They need to drive out all the predators instead of hiding them. Sad sick world.
  by: 0neijack   12/05/2002 03:09 AM     
wow, when are people going to realize that church is just a money scheme, and now apparently also a sex scheme...
  by: kakakikikaki   12/07/2002 02:07 AM     
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