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                 02/23/2018 01:33 PM  
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12/04/2002 10:49 PM ID: 27013 Permalink   

Radioactive People Trigger Terrorist Alarm on NYC Subway


Persons being treated medically with radioactive materials may set off anti-terrorism devices now installed in some public places, according to a letter to a medical journal. Doctors said patients need to be informed of the potential problem.

The letter describes a 34 year old man being treated with irradiated iodine who was strip searched twice in Manhatten subway stations before he complained to his doctor. NY's terrorism task force recommended such patients carry a doctor's note.

This indicates that radiation detection devices are being installed in public places and if patients are radioactive they may want to avoid public transportation since, best case scenario, they could be detained while their doctor's note is verified.

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How badly does this suck? Even if you can get a notarized letter from the hospital..or doctor, the shitheads know how and who to go to to get what they need..(terrorists) How can someone get around this I wonder. Maybe a physician onhand at all checkins and outs? Damn nice world we live in.
  by: shewolf   12/05/2002 05:06 AM     
  No kidding.  
Why doesn't the media just write the Terrorist Handbook: How to Circumvent... Everything!

When will the media wake up amd understand they're part of the problem, not the solution.

Oh, I know the answer: When the money runs out.
  by: n2n   12/07/2002 05:38 AM     
  n2n =)  
NO SHIT! The media *gives* them ideas that they may not even have come across...*I* would never have known to do some of the things that they have least a dozen things that were questionable to me, very odd things. Like here in Fl. There was a reporter doing a run around the airports and power plants showing just how lazy everyone has gotten about it already, unlocked gates, he was walking around on the TARMAC! Now in case no one knew, they know now..My mouth hit the floor. you can see, I totally agree.
  by: shewolf   12/07/2002 02:45 PM     
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