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                 06/30/2015 10:17 AM  
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06/30/2015 02:51 AM
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06/29/2015 06:45 PM
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12/08/2002 08:39 PM ID: 27080 Permalink   

The End Of DALnet?


Over the last three days DALnet has been maliciously attacked by "packet-kiddies." Not an uncommon event, however, it may now mean the end of DALnet. Frink, the owner of dalnet's twisted server has decided to de-link from DALnet.

Frink told IRCNews, "[over the] past two years I have operated, the largest irc clientserver..., having held 58391 users...[and because of] differences of opinion with...DALnet administration, I have decided to discontinue my link to DALnet"

DALnet has been viewed by many long time IRCers as the worse network in existence (mainly because of their chan/nick/memoserv) and many have wished for its ruin. It appears Santa is visiting them this year.

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  dalnet server  
the last "stronghold" of dalnet is a small server if anyone gets on that /msg me my nick is xyc|one
  by: zyklon   12/08/2002 08:47 PM     
  lol nm  
i think just went down =D
  by: zyklon   12/08/2002 09:01 PM     
What will I do without DalNet?????
(No sarcasm intended)!
  by: RagingMage   12/08/2002 09:25 PM     
Dalnet lost a major hub, that is why there are netsplits and being unable to connect. they are rectifying this as we speak, but it should take a while since all the servers connected through that hub, packet kiddies are also to blame but DALnet is always being attacked, if the a**holes would stop packeting dalnet it should become a good network. I in fact like the chan/nick/memoserv, it gives u an identitfy on the IRC network so people cant impersonate you.

If DALnet would only reorganise their company stucture, it would become a very good network.

as u can see i like dalnet.
/me is known as muphin on dalnet.
  by: securityunion     12/09/2002 01:21 AM     
I see my favorite network coming higher and higher and yes I have the same nick on there. but to see Dalnet lose out is a petty really. theres only one place for script kiddies and thats clink
  by: Elite   12/09/2002 01:34 AM     
  forgot to mention  
forgot to mention that I was talking about QuakeNet in case you were confused.
  by: Elite   12/09/2002 01:38 AM     
the hub they lost is typhoon which included twisted and its not like they lost contact, they just left; also, as i mentioned it is always attacked but this was the most severe
  by: zyklon   12/09/2002 03:13 PM     
  its backup  
the servers i see ppl on now are
  by: zyklon   12/09/2002 03:15 PM     
DALnet is a very popular network, i like the chan/memo/nick services they give it more of a community feel, and the channel i spend most of the time on we run our own IRCd to allow us access
  by: df91   12/12/2002 04:18 AM     
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