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                 04/19/2014 09:36 PM  
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12/10/2002 01:10 AM ID: 27093 Permalink   

News Source Claims Glimpse of Iraqi Weapons Declaration


CNN says that it has been able to acquire the Table of Contents to the report Iraq sent to the UN Security Council detailing what is says comprises its weapons program. The document is 12,000 pages long and the US is busy translating it from Arabic.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister warns that the document has information which could teach others how to develop biological and nuclear programs. Sources say the document shows how Iraq stopped a program to create a nuclear "dirty bomb."

Some nuclear arms experts state the latest report is "very similar" to a 1998 report Iraq released on this subject. The US says that Iraq has recently had a "wide dispersal" to hide details of weapons and information which may not be in the report.

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The info CNN said it got is now public knowledge and this article is much more detailed about this news event.
  by: JFURY     12/10/2002 03:43 AM     
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