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                 04/17/2014 12:03 PM  
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12/13/2002 03:32 AM ID: 27186 Permalink   

Google Has Shopping Search Engine Now


First it was the search engine, then images and newsgroups, then news and now Google is unleashing a beta version of Froggle. Froggle is a search engine which allows users to look up items and scour merchants which list that item.

However, Froggle is very simplistic in that it just searches for items and merchants unlike other sites which search by price and have shopping carts. But merchants do not have to pay to make sure that Froggle lists their items unlike other sites.

Online shopping which has increased 22% in the last year. Google makes its money by charging merchants who want to be listed when search results come up. These are the links which say search a certain web site for the item you are looking for.

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