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                 04/20/2014 03:20 PM  
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12/21/2002 12:43 PM ID: 27390 Permalink   

Red Cross Bans Christmas


The Red Cross in Britain has ordered an almost complete ban on Christmas so as not to offend muslims.

The Red Cross has ordered that almost all decorations aren't to be put up, except for the likes of tinsel. "We put up a nativity scene in the window and were told to take it out," a Red Cross volunteer said.

"It seems we can't have anything that means Christmas. We're allowed to have some tinsel but that's it ... We were told it is because we must not upset Muslims," the volunteer added.

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  Is it me or...  
Is this sort of thing starting to become commonplace? If we went to Saudi and objected to things we would end up in jail before being deported but we allow this to happen all the time. This is the beginning of the end of our society. Not by terrorists but by atrition.
  by: bag     12/21/2002 01:25 PM     
  Its becoming  
VERY common, and im wondering just when the f'n Taliban got elected into power here? What next, will all women regardless of religion have to cover their faces so they "dont offend the Muslims" either?

Up Yours, Muslims, im offended by all this crap from you! If you dont like it in this country and its so "hateful" for you to live in, just bugger off and go back to your Dictatorships that you love so much.
  by: Wolfsglen   12/21/2002 01:35 PM     
  Red Cross are nobodys  
they cant tell you what to do. dont believe me well look at it this way they not in power and they can do f**k all.
the best they can do is urge people not to do it.
  by: Elite   12/21/2002 02:07 PM     
actually it is more likely to be the non-muslims complaining. usually it is these government-official types that think something is racist just to try and improve their own image.

but i do think it is totally stupid. During Divali (Hindu festival) they put lights all over the cities, Christians should be given exactly the same right. it is only "offensive" if you had a burning cross or were slagging off Jesus.
  by: antiisraeli     12/21/2002 04:38 PM     
  lol wtf, red cross can ban christmas?  
Well then make them ban the thing where all the muslims get on thier knees and pray. it insults me, try doing this in Canada or USA, they get shot lol
  by: BOTB_Sadist   12/21/2002 04:49 PM     
  Guys. It's a Red Cross 'policy'  
Seems the Red Cross made this one up on their own so as not to upset Muslims and other non-Christians. Al leading Muslim in the UK said "It was stupid to think Muslims would be offended. The Muslim community has been talking to Christians for the past 1,400 years. The teachings from Islam are that you should respect other faiths."

No no pressure just a bunch of bleeding liberals.
  by: bag     12/21/2002 05:01 PM     
  I will never donate to The "Red Cross"  
because of this and am going to let them know.

I suggest you do so, too:

In all fairness, the "Red Cross" denies it's banning Christmas:
  by: NewsGuy   12/21/2002 07:51 PM     
for that link newsguy, I'll be telling tham exactly what I feel now, several times a day.
  by: slamdaddy     12/21/2002 11:48 PM     
  Red Cross Bows To Muslim Masters  
Apparently, the only people it is okay to offend are white Christians. If I'm offended by a display of the Muslim moon/star during a Muslim holiday, will they take it down? Nope.

The Red Cross won't see a penny from me, either. That goes for any and every office in any country. Thanks for the link, Newsguy.
  by: KnightHeart     12/22/2002 05:45 AM     
Next thing you know our women will be expected to wear the same clothes as theirs do, sorry but if they don't like it they can push off :( it's our country not theirs!
  by: c1rcle   12/22/2002 12:30 PM     
  Here is a nice Solution  
  by: azianperv     12/22/2002 01:21 PM     
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