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                 04/25/2014 01:23 AM  
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12/28/2002 07:50 AM ID: 27502 Permalink   

Blair Puts British Armed Forces On High Alert


Tony Blair has put the armed forces on alert to be prepared for war in Iraq.

Blair said that war was not for certain, as Sadam could still fully cooperate and comply with inspectors. Also PM Blair said that the UK and US are ready and prepared to act if Iraq failed to comply fully.

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  It's either going to be  
War for sure by the end of January..the latest, or not at all. I'd lay odds. If
it's not, it certainly was a wonderful campaign for the reps.
  by: shewolf   12/28/2002 10:51 AM     
  Whats the odds  
That the Political Idiots made it their New Years resolution to go to War?
  by: Wolfsglen   12/28/2002 11:58 AM     
  You are being Cynical....  
They don't make new years resolutions because if Uncle George or Auntie Tony tell them they have to do something else it might cause a few microseconds of dilemma. And, we all know that stress is a killer.
When did you last hear a politicians New Years resolutions?
  by: bag     12/28/2002 12:18 PM     
  My bets on....  
my bet is on War.. i rekon were gona be in a full scale all out war with Iraq within the next month or two, and who knows...we might even end up attacking some other arab country(ies) on the way..and maybe if were not so lucky, itll be world war 3!
  by: Whipd+Kreem     12/28/2002 01:32 PM     
  LOL bag  
You are quite right, i stand definitely corrected!
  by: Wolfsglen   12/28/2002 02:32 PM     
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