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                 01/18/2018 03:16 AM  
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01/04/2003 12:03 AM ID: 27607 Permalink   

Learn Some Hot Spicy Tricks from "Sex and the City"


The article "50 ways to have Sex and the City" gives some tricks they can use to spice up their sexual lives.

Based on information from the TV series "Sex and the City", the article talks about what types of food boost sexual stamina, how to do a good massage, eating from her/his body, how to surprise the partner, unusual places to make love, and much more.

To read the article, click here: .

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I love that show
  by: mikkitaz   01/04/2003 01:59 AM     
Now just to get this on cable....
  by: razzthefrog     01/04/2003 06:27 AM     
  Sorry, cont...  
It would be the newest best reality show :-P
  by: razzthefrog     01/04/2003 06:28 AM     
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