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                 01/19/2018 06:55 AM  
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01/04/2003 09:18 AM ID: 27611 Permalink   

Family Handcuffed and dog shot over Lost Wallet


A family who left their wallet on the roof of their car before driving off became suspects in a felony that never happened after a woman reported seeing the wallet fall off their car, the police assumed the owners of the wallet had been robbed.

Tennessee Highway Patrol officers spotted the car and pulled it over, after handcuffing all three passengers, the family dog exited the vehicle and was shot dead by a officer who believed it was behaving in a threatening manner.

The mix up was soon discovered after the driver of the vehicle gave police his name, and police realised he owned of the wallet. Police apologised and released the family; an internal investigation is underway into the handling of the incident.

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Cops think that they can shoot anything. I live in a town where 2 cops shot a handcuffed man that they had in custody. He tried to pull a knife on them. They shot him 7 times. A little extreme dont u think? Cops are out of control. Makes me afraid to ask them for help.
  by: mikkitaz   01/04/2003 01:35 PM     
That's true - they are totally out of control. And the law-makers just give them more power and control every single year. But I guess it's kind of our fault for electing them...
  by: Gixter   01/04/2003 01:53 PM     
  LOL Here We Go Again  
By saying Cops and not saying some cops you are putting them all in the same light. Not all cops act that way. Not all cops are power hungry. Some cops are very stupid and feel they are beyond the law when they put that badge on.
  by: Occasional^Blonde     01/04/2003 07:37 PM     
  "All Cops" vs. "Some Cops"  
Good point... They're not all bad. But I think the bad ones get away with a lot more things that we never hear about.
  by: Gixter   01/04/2003 07:43 PM     
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