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                 01/16/2018 02:24 PM  
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01/04/2003 09:53 AM ID: 27612 Permalink   

Illegal alien works at the White House


The US Secret Service has started stringent screening of all visitors to the White House, including children, however they failed to detect an illegal alien working at the White House.

As a supervisor of tent installation for social events Martinez-Gonzalez had access to the Pentagon, NASA and the grounds of the White House, he also rubbed elbows with Washington's most powerful officials, with the photos to prove it.

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When in doubt, look inside your own house before knocking down and on others.
  by: razzthefrog     01/05/2003 02:05 AM     
  from what I hear ;)  
Besides the illegal immigrant, there is a man who did not win an election legitamately claiming to be President inside that building. This man rubs shoulders with his corporate masters just like his predecessor W.C. did.
At least the illegal immigrant was able to get his position without relying on family members to get him into Yale, Harvard and to pay for all his business failures!
If you ask me the alien is more legitamate. He worked hard to get something without any family connections or election maneovers!
  by: JFURY     01/05/2003 03:29 AM     
  DId his qualifications come from Area 51  
OH!. Not that type of alien. Sorry.
  by: bag     01/05/2003 10:23 PM     
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