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                 01/17/2018 04:09 AM  
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01/04/2003 02:31 PM ID: 27617 Permalink   

20,000 British Troops to be Sent to Gulf


When the British Government returns after it's Christmas break on Tuesday, it is expected to announce that 20,000 troops are to be mobilised to the Gulf. The newspaper, Daily Telegraph, claims that 7,000 reservists were also to be recalled.

A spokesperson for the Government said: "War is not inevitable. We want a peaceful solution, but Iraq will not comply without a credible threat of military action. Ultimately the choice is Saddam's."

Approximately 60,000 US military members are already in the Gulf area, and this number is likely to double over the next few weeks.

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  so it begins...  
the us has a sizeaball force in the gulf, theyve ordered more troops & equipement to be deployed, the UK is heading down the same path..dont you get the feeling that they have decided they are gona have a war?!..
hmm...they better show us the action on TV again, like the last gulf war...i was only a kid then, but i enjoyed watching little green dots flying a across the screen for some
  by: Whipd+Kreem     01/04/2003 02:44 PM     
  Will you enjoy it as much now?  
Now you know the green dots are heading to some poor sod called up by his Government and thrown to the front as cannon fodder.
At least this time they won't stop till the regime is toppled. The best bit is what takes over will probably be worse. As least Saddam didn't pick on us.
  by: bag     01/04/2003 04:22 PM     
  They will  
They will show it on your TV. They know how to please the people, and so did the Romans.
A simple public so easy to please, and just before the 20 Year publication ban expires completly for CIA activities in Iraq while they were arming the country up as there little toy in the middle east.
  by: rw   01/04/2003 04:41 PM     
  The're going on holiday  
It's just a short trip to let them get away from the cold weather. On the other hand they could be going out there to test out all their new toys that got sand in the works the last time they went out to Oman to play at killing each other.

You never know the Brits may get hit by friendly fire again.

Any bets on how soon it happens?

One day? 12 hours? er um Ooops sorry did I drive my A1 Abrahams over your troop carrier ? Sorry again send us the bill.

Tra la la what does this button do? Ooow look the side of that building has just gone bang, what does it say on the sign that's swinging down the side? ..... Oh Holiday Inn Dubai, well that's OK then :-)
  by: ChrisDe   01/04/2003 09:10 PM     
at least they haven't ruled out any kind of peaceful arrangement yet.
  by: razzthefrog     01/04/2003 09:26 PM     
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