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                 01/22/2018 12:44 PM  
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01/04/2003 05:19 PM ID: 27621 Permalink   

Spam Costs Businesses Over $11.4B


Analysts from from Ferris Research calculate that it costs US businesses some $8.9 billion annually to handle spam and European businesses $2.5 billion. They also estimate it costs ISPs an additional $500 million.

These costs are mainly in lost productivity in dealing with the mail, but they also include an estimated $3.7 in extra servers and other hardware to handle the spam load.

Marten Nelson of Ferris says that the spam problem is not as bad in Europe, hence the lower costs there. As wireless spam takes off in Europe, however, the calculations may need to consider these.

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  simple solution  
harsly fine and imprison the people responsible for leaving these "open relay" and "mx servers" open for such abuse, they will learn eventually theres no such thing as "anonymous" mail.
  by: Elite   01/04/2003 07:28 PM     
  this is sooo gay!  
why they are still spamming us, if they aren't earning anything. FOr fun? Well maybe advirtisements.

They screw up, they loose money, and they always decide to fire people or cut their wages, but they never ever thought about stop spamming will save them 4 billion bukcs at least annually. Can you believe it, these spams are more important then workers to these rich dudes.

i got 450 messages in my hotmail account just because i didin't check it for a week and a half. Then another 1700 messages in my yahoo account, for not checking it for 2 months. Yahoo warned me that they will delete the mails, yet they haven't.
  by: BC     01/04/2003 07:59 PM     
  I agree..  
I don't know of anyone who reads any of this crap, I just click the empty button and be done with it. I almost NEVER get any email that's not spam and I can easily get 200+ emails a day. Now I'm starting to fight back, a lot of these spamers are not as smart as they seem.
  by: uselessinfodude   01/04/2003 08:50 PM     
  It's mostly garbage  
I get loads of it every day and after setting filters I still get loads. I thought of sending the stuff back but then it only confirms to the cretins that your e-mail address is valid.

I have found that if the e-mail comes from a well know company that you know you have not subscribed to. Get on to their Head Office and really give them an ear bending. I have had money off vouchers and other items as a way of saying sorry. Once the big companies get the idea that people are sick of SPAM they will stop using it. Then we only have to stop all the other crap coming in from morons who want to sell you Viagra, Penis extentions, Porn passwords, DVDs not to mentionImprove Sense Of well Being etc. I have just called in my e-mails after about two hours of not being on line. Of the 20+ e-mails there were two Klez H virus and 18 SPAMs three of which came from the same idiot with three e-mail addresses. So after deleating the e-mails and removing the virus files, which took around three minutes I am back writing this. SPAM gets right up my nose, but there is little I can do about the mindless dross that seems to come mainly from the USA, and I am talking about SPAM.
  by: ChrisDe   01/04/2003 09:30 PM     
  Helpful hint...  
One way that I was able to lessen the amount of spam mail was by removing all spyware from my computer. I had no idea I had any on there. I downloaded AdAware, a free program that cleans out and removes all spyware from your computer.

Spyware basically tracks your internet activity and passes your information along to third party companies, resulting in large amounts of spam in your inbox. You may want to try AdAware out and see if that helps. After a couple of weeks, I noticed a marked decrease in spam. You can get this program at:
  by: tif23   01/05/2003 02:56 AM     
  Mayby business will put the pressure on  
The government in the US, and in the UK, don't really care about spam they see it as a legitimate form of advertising. Perhaps if businesses are paying so much out they will complain to the government to get this outlawed. It's amazing isn't it. There is no way that spam can be sent out without it going via some big pipe. It's no good blaming all the open relays. It has to get to them first. They are just being abused. I had an EMail from one of these blackhole orgs who had added my domain. I didn't even have an Open Relay on my domains. It was all forged. So someone has a big pipe where this stuff is starting out from with forged addresses. I think we need a system to screw up the return addresses and web sites so no replies get back. At least that way the spammers get no benefit. There is no other way this is going to be fixed unless it is done within the Internet community. Down to ISPs.
  by: bag     01/05/2003 10:22 PM     
  anyone tried cloudmark?  
if you use outlook (not OE)

then try

its like a napster version of a spam filter...
once you get spam.. you mark it and from then on it goes straight into everyones spam folder... so if someone else finds spam it works for you too !!

I also use spam assassin on my webservers I have a rule marking anything with this in the subject "**** SPAM *** (which SA puts if it thinks its spam) into my cloudmark folder.... the system isnt 100% effective but its good...

admittedly tho I dont get more than a few spams a day anyways so its not so bad
  by:   01/07/2003 05:51 AM     
  I don't get much  
but then I also have an almost unlimited number of throw away redirection accounts that I can dump when needed. I've had some UNUSED Hotmail accounts get loads of spam, which makes me think that M$ sells member addresses for profit regardless of privacy settings...

The continued existence of chain mail provides an explanation for the continued existence of spam: people are gullible and stupid. Most people know to ignore these messages, but if only .1% of the public respond to spam and 100000 unwanted ads are sent, then spammers have just sold 100 items. Not bad for something that only took a few minutes at most to send... You can certainly see the temptation involved in sending large quantities of spam, especially when companies are initially unfamiliar with the long-term effects of offending and losing customers (RIAA is still learning about that, but the effects should be obvious and well-deserved -haha).
  by: qr7z   01/07/2003 07:19 AM     
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