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                 01/21/2018 03:13 PM  
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01/04/2003 05:34 PM ID: 27622 Permalink   

Ski-masked, Gun-wielding Cop Shot by Frightened Clerk


A shop clerk in Fort Worth shot an undercover policewoman who entered his shop wearing a ski mask and brandishing a gun.

Officials originally denied that the police officer was wearing a balaclava, contradicting eyewitness accounts. They also said that earlier reports that she was wearing a bullet-proof vest are incorrect.

The shop-owner's son says that the policewoman displayed no clear identification that she was an officer. The officer had entered the store to arrest a drug dealer. The officer is in serious condition at a local hospital.

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  A bit of a fiasco  
for the police department it seems. Shop-owner had a good relationship with the local police, who had even recommended that he get a gun to protect himself. Last night on the TV news, the police were adamantly stating that she clearly identified herself as an officer and that she was not wearing a mask. This appears to have changed this morning. The question remains as to why they didn't wait for the drug dealer to exit the store before attempting an arrest.
  by: CarloSkippy     01/04/2003 05:39 PM     
  Well well  
Which partner was using the brain cell that day ?

Ski mask + Gun = Hold up

So what happened to the drug dealer?

  by: ChrisDe   01/04/2003 08:52 PM     
  the dealer...  
was promptly arrested and booked into the jail. He admitted to selling $20 of crack and remains in jail, facing felony charges for delivery oa controlled substance.
  by: CarloSkippy     01/05/2003 05:54 PM     
  Good News  
Well at least the dealer was caught and locked up. Now if that was the UK they would be saying the dealer should go free because he was so traumatized due to seeing someone shot !

The clerk would be waiting for a writ for dammages for causing the dealer to suffer shock and the Police Officer would be on suspension awaiting an internal inquiry :-)
  by: ChrisDe   01/05/2003 06:13 PM     
  Bit of Overkill...  
For $20 of crack. This guy was well worth the stake out and the masked attack to take him out.
Sounds like a cock up all round.
  by: bag     01/05/2003 08:05 PM     
  Makes you wonder  
about the planning process. I mean, don't you think safety issues should be taken in consideration? Why storm into a shop where innocents may be, risking them and yourself, then do it while wearing a ski mask...all in order to bust a dealer for $20 worth of crack. Sheez. I'm glad my tax dollars is going for such well-planned anti-drug operations.
  by: CarloSkippy     01/05/2003 09:06 PM     
  I did think about it after my comment and...  
What normally happens, over here in the UK, when such large amounts of drugs are concerned is that the copper walk up and say 'Your busted'. The crook then bursts into tears and says 'I want my Mummy...'.
If I can work it out $20 worth is something the size of a pin head. Hey!, wonder if they had to plant it on him to justify the cock up. Mmmm. Are you sure this isn't in the UK?
  by: bag     01/05/2003 09:16 PM     
  seems unlikely  
the drugs were purchased before they stormed into the shop and the whole thing came down.
  by: CarloSkippy     01/05/2003 11:26 PM     
  let me rephrase that...  
Oops, that doesn't read right when I look back at it. It should be: Seems unlikely that they planted the drugs. They were purchased in a drug buy before the police stormed the shop to apprehend the dealer.
  by: CarloSkippy     01/05/2003 11:30 PM     
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