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                 04/16/2014 08:57 PM  
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01/09/2003 10:59 AM ID: 27722 Permalink   

School Canteen To Use Eye Scanning Technology


Venerable Bede school, in Sunderland England, is going to charge students for their lunch through an eye scanning machine. The device will be used so poor children are not teased when given free food.

Dr Ed Yates, headmaster at the school said "We think we are the first school in the country to use this. But this is not a James Bond school for spies. This is not science fiction. This is technology that exists."

The eye scanning device will also be utilized in the library, when students borrow and return books.

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This seems like a case of where this technology can be put to good use. But because of the nature of eye recognition technology it should be very important for the school to protect its database of students and there corresponding retinal scans.
  by: Trent Steel   01/09/2003 11:39 AM     
  Privacy is a thing of the past...  
It won't be long before you can't get a bus pass without having a retina/dna/willie scan. Then it will be like 'Minority report' everywhere you go will be recorded and you will be spammed everywhere....
  by: bag     01/09/2003 10:28 PM     
  It's sad  
I think that it is sad that the poorer kids get teased so badly that the school must install these retnal scanners. Its just pathetic!
  by: chica31   01/09/2003 11:36 PM     
  Surely eyes have a better use then to pay for ...  
Agrees w/bag. I read about eye scans for pcs years and years ago. Does anyone know of/or evne if it has come into play?
  by: xcid   01/10/2003 05:32 AM     
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