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                 01/23/2018 11:11 AM  
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01/17/2003 05:38 AM ID: 27909 Permalink   

US Air Force: Speed Is Good For Our Pilots


A physician with the US Air Force has said that taking speed is good for Air Force pilots.

He claims that the speed is good for the pilots who are sent on long missions, and that speed taken by two pilots who accidently bombed Cadadian troops in Afghanistan was not to blame, fatigue was.

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  Just for the record...  
Sooooo, it's ILLEAGAL to be in the comfort of your own home and take speed, but wait, I just want to get this one straight......It's LEGAL to fly multi-million dollar planes at mock 3 loaded to the gills with "weapon's of mass destruction"......that's it right??????------what a wonderful world.....
  by: shawner   01/17/2003 07:53 AM     
  no no no..  
no. It's illegal to sit in your home and use Methampetamine. It is NOT illegal to use caffiene (even in pills), xenadrine, ephedrine, Ginko, Ginseng, or many of the other various kinds of speed.. Unless I'm misinformed (which is an admitted likelihood) the speed fed to these pilots was Ephedrine, due mostly to the fact that it keeps one awake without the nervousness, jittery tendencies, (quite the same amount of)dehydration, and does not involve a wicked-bad crash (excuse the pun) when it's over.

This, and many of these other forms of speed, is not a drug that hinders decision making.. at least, it hinders it no more than a large amount of coffee would.. methamphetamine is NOT the only speed.
  by: reverendthayil   01/17/2003 11:39 AM     
  drug keeps you awake... fatigue was the cause...  
So, it is not the fault of speed, it was fatigue... but, lets add 1 + 1 here (which is 2, in case anyone from millitary intelligence is reading this). Speed is used to stay awake. When people stay awake longer than normal they are fatigued. So, it is not the drug to blame... noooooo....
  by: brucehum     01/17/2003 01:17 PM     
  I get confused with all these drugs...  
There is so many. Speed, Uppers, Downers, Grass, GBH, .......

I though that Speed was a drug not a set of drugs some of which are legal.

Oh well... another area where you need to be a subject matter expert.
  by: bag     01/17/2003 01:30 PM     
  Speed is...  
Mostly anything that is a powerfull cns stimulant. This doctor must have a huge wad of money stuck up his bum to say its good for them. They must be hallucinating or at least getting nervous ticks and a slight bit of paranoia caused by the fatique and the added side effects of the Dexedrine. Then on top of that they are put on downers when they get back to make them go down after weeks of this your mind basically snaps.. May not be noticeable at first but you do change in some ways.. Not good changes either. Plus the added stress on the heart from being put on uppers and downers, not good at all.
Ah but you know as long as they can bomb the hell out of them its ok right?
  by: infoflux2000   01/17/2003 02:41 PM     
  Oh sorry  
Japanese kamikaze pilots..
  by: infoflux2000   01/17/2003 03:02 PM     
rev, common, It is 2003, and we are talking about the US military. Now, I am not an expert either, but I can pretty surely say that those pilots are being given pill cocktails a little more complex than ephedrine, ginko, or freakin caffine pills, Influx is right, they are then given the downers to come down when they get back. Of course it's going to change you in a way, the way is becoming a US military drug droid!-----like I said earlier---i just don't understand some of these people's justifications!
  by: shawner   01/17/2003 07:41 PM     
  I'm with you Shawner...  
I see NO good coming out of speed mixed with mach 3. With speed comes sleep deprivation..and with sleep deprivation you get halluciantions, paranoia, and a mess of other goodies.
And yes, believe the U S of A would be hookin' up those pilots with something way stronger than ginsing. Just my humble opinion. All I can see is "forecast for bad craziness.."
--Hunter S. Thompson
  by: shewolf   01/17/2003 08:04 PM     
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