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                 02/18/2018 07:40 AM  
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01/20/2003 10:07 AM ID: 27961 Permalink   

There are No Human Clones


The scientist responsible for cloning dolly the sheep in 1996, Dr Ian Wilmut, says that the claims being made by the Raelian sect are not to be believed. He was speaking at an international conference on embryo transfer.

Dr. Wilmut said: "I don't think we should take them so seriously as to say they are even doing this." He claims that scientists can't even clone a monkey at present. He also believes that humans should not be cloned as a whole.

He stated: "I don't think it would be much fun to be a clone. Parents have to ask whether they think they would be able to treat a clone in the same way they treat a child produced normally."

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  Mmmm... I believe...  
I believe that clones are going to be used to provide us with spare parts for our own bodies not for procreation.

(After all, Sexy Voice 'Feeling in the mood darling?' 'Oh Yes!' scraping of skin into test tube. 'Was it good for you dear?' Huh who wants that?)

Anyway, clones will be created with no life experiences and to all intends and purposes with no intelligence to speak of until it is input via some sort of education programme.

Unless we can clone without the brain then there will be real controversy over cloning. After all, look at the issue over abortion. This will be worse because to all intends and purposes this will be you. And it won't be long before it has rights over your property.

The best way would be to clone components rather than the full body. The sooner we can get away from cloning, as in whole bodies, the better.
  by: bag     01/20/2003 10:37 AM     
  How's that proof of no clones?  
How many people in Columbus' time came out and said, that he was crazy and the world was flat.
So one scientist comes out and says, "Nah it can't be done yet."
The chances are slim, that I'll admit, but it doesn't mean that someone hasn't worked out how to get past the short falls. And something like this would not exactly be flashed all over the news, sharing this multi-trillian dollar method. Science is no longer free, it is all about the patents and royalties. Maybe we should all be watching the patent office and see what shows up.

Btw bag, check out any of R A Heinlein's major works, I Shall Fear No Evil, and any with Lazarus Long (sp?), they all have the behind plot line of Rejuvination Clinics and using clones for spares.
  by: Barlin   01/20/2003 11:58 AM     
  @ Barlin  
I'd rather believe Wilmut as a proven scientist than the Raelian Sect.
  by: boolie     01/20/2003 12:15 PM     
ah, for example,I would prefer to believe that Bush is acting in the best interest of the US, but he isnt.
What we WANT to believe and what is real is, sadly, sometimes two totally different things...
I will leave the door of possibility open until facts dictate otherwise....
As I like to say, " Nothing is impossible, only improbable"
  by: pheonixmoonfire   01/20/2003 12:28 PM     
These people to be as trusted about as much as Heaven's Gate, they're just as crazy.
  by: foachon   01/20/2003 01:03 PM     
  Wait, I got one for ya!  
How's about we clone us some headless, limbless torsos for organ harvesting?
How about slave and hazard labor?
Okay, how about sex toys?
I gotta tell ya, when it comes to the issue of closing, there's a humanity factor that I believe is missing from the equasion. Honestly, the idea of replicating ourselves seems arrogant and unnatural, and I garantee the wealthy and powerful elite will be the ones at the forefront, deciding who gets another go, and who gets the ol' heave-ho!
  by: Icehearted   01/21/2003 09:38 AM     
The cult company doesn't want to offer up any proof, so they either failed and don't want to admit it or they're stalling to see how much free media exposure they can get in order to gain more converts. They don't have a clone.
  by: Knightheart     01/21/2003 06:56 PM     
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