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                 04/24/2014 06:32 PM  
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02/11/2003 12:41 AM ID: 28370 Permalink   

Dell Boy Also Into Pot


Benjamin Curtis, who appears in Dell Computer's "Dude, yer gettin' a Dell" ads, was arrested for marijuana possession today in Manhattan. In the ads, Curtis plays a guy named Steven who brags about how great he thinks Dell computers are.

The Manhattan District Attorneys Office intends to charge Curtis with a misdemeanor for criminal possession that could result in a 3 month prison sentence (or less)

The spokesperson for Dell's ad agency says: "We're following the situation closely and working with our ad agency to understand what's transpired here." It would not say if the arrest means the end of Dell Boy.

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Dude, yer gettin' a Blunt
  by: azianperv     02/11/2003 01:02 AM     
  LOL @azian  
Can anyone else come up with a better headline than I posted? ;)
  by: JFURY     02/11/2003 01:23 AM     
  I really don't see  
how this is even news, much less something abcnews would report on. We are on the brink of war. Who gives a **** that he gets high. Marijuana seems to be the hot topic in news lately. Well, that and war/conflict. Kinda an ironic combination.

^^Comment Edited By Admin - Inappropiate language^^
  by: jeiar   02/11/2003 02:37 AM     
Its just nonserious fluff. The fact whether the smoking makes a difference has been debated many times.

Sometimes after posting serious stories about war and reading them, I feel like getting a change of pace. I don't intend to take away the seriousness of war but variety is the spice of life. :)
  by: JFURY     02/11/2003 02:42 AM     
  I hear ya man  
Just kinda suprised ABC covered it, not complainin or nothin. lol :)
  by: jeiar   02/11/2003 03:19 AM     
  word to jeiar ;) NT  
  by: JFURY     02/11/2003 03:26 AM     
  new headline  
I like Azains line use that one ......
  by: mikkitaz   02/11/2003 04:24 PM     
  Dude, you're getting a cell <EOM>  
  by: zodiac711     02/11/2003 05:31 PM     
  Dell Should Use This.  
"Not only do you get a great computer when you buy Dell, but you'll have enough money left over to buy a few blunts and experience real 3-D graphics that reach out and grab you after you've smoked a few."

Not surprised that that kid is a dope-head. He looked the part...glazed eyes, brainless look....and he liked Dells over buying parts and assembling by yourself. Heh.
  by: Knightheart     02/11/2003 09:13 PM     
While I agree with your statement about it being better to assemble your own PC, for those out there who have no idea and insist on buying a "name-brand" PC, I think Dell is the way to go.
  by: zodiac711     02/11/2003 09:40 PM     
Building your own stuff is good :) But for name brand I dig AlienWare. I'm too poor to afford one though :( Theyre expensive as hell
  by: jeiar   02/12/2003 12:34 AM     
  I got an AD idea!  
Since Bush says drugs support terrorism, he can have an ad where Dell Boy buys a dime bag and then the ad says his money goes to Bin Laden. This could save Dell Boy's career! And Dell Boy could say "my money supports suicide bombers."

If anyone thinks I'm serious, please..... ;)
  by: JFURY     02/12/2003 05:18 AM     
  "Dude your Gettin a Cell"  
Dude your getting a cell...says it all right there. I always thought he was ripped in those commercails anyway:)~~
  by: BigwormPHS   02/12/2003 05:30 AM     
Dude, there aren't any dells in prison! ;)
  by: JFURY     02/12/2003 05:48 AM     
I think Dell knew he was a stoner. It all goes along with the whole slogan "Dude yer gettin' a Dell". Everyone knows Dude is the stereotypical catch-phrase for stoners; at least those depicted by television and movies. Not to mention, he LOOKS the part of a stoner. Although, I hope this is not made into a bigger deal than it needs to be. Which I'm sure it won't seeing in how he isn't much of a celebrity. Let the kid smoke dope and do the lame Dell commercials. If anyone really cares that much, I think they should be dragged into the street and publicly ridiculed (Nice way of saying Beaten into submission).
  by: timk   02/12/2003 03:53 PM     
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