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                 04/23/2014 11:48 PM  
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02/12/2003 05:13 PM ID: 28403 Permalink   

Hackers Hack Kevin Mitnick Twice


Kevin Mitnick, the world famous former hacker who was jailed for his crimes, acknowledges that his web site for Defensive Thinking Inc. has been hacked two times in the last few weeks.

Mitnick, who is now a security consultant for corporations which want to avoid such attacks, doesn't consider the attacks serious enough to report to authorities. One hacker left a picture of a polar bear. The other hacker asked for a job.

Mitnick says the person in charge of his web site forgot to install the new patches Microsoft offers to protect against attacks. He says: "No customer information was released nor was in danger of being compromised."

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  As they say....  
payback is a biatch
  by: JULESLADY     02/12/2003 08:22 PM     
I'm sure he isnt too bothered

the hacking community take a different aproach to being hacked than say the RIAA..

a real hacker (dont read cracker) only hacks for information, knowledge is power. And has no malicious intent.

the first attack was a joke..
and the 2nd was proving that someone might be worth an interview

I dont condone hacking, but they all get tarred with the same brush.

you hack my back, I'll hack yours

lol :)
  by:   02/13/2003 12:34 AM     
  out of circulation  
kevin has been away for awhile, but if he is using ms patches, he really needs to brush up on his stuff
  by: mgns9   02/13/2003 01:15 PM     
  I wont disagree with that...  
but I'd take the 'patches' out the sentance lol

reads more realistically that way >:)
  by:   02/13/2003 05:43 PM     
They weren't for "Payback". They were to welcome him out of jail and to maybe impress him with their almighty hacking skills. If I knew how to hack I would hack Kevin and ask what it's like to be somebody's bitchh in prison.
  by: timk   02/13/2003 06:56 PM     
With the number of businesses that use Microsoft products, if he expects to make any money, he's sort of forced to use Microsoft products.. and patched Microsoft products are better than not-patched. That way you atleast only have to worry about the 0-day exploits.

It's certainly not anything to do with being out of the loop.
  by: dtyler   02/13/2003 10:27 PM     
but 3 patches in one week?/ welcome back kevin
  by: mgns9   02/14/2003 01:30 PM     
Kevin should at least know from his experience that MS products are NOT secure, I was even amazed he was actually running IIS, or a windows OS. He of all people should know the huge amount of exploits released almost daily regarding MS software.

He should of at least know to run linux or know someone good enough to run a linux OS. atleast then you can control permissions, you can doo 100x more and better things on linux than windows.

Rememeber kevin, old skool hackers arent elite anymore, technology and knowledge changes so often you need to keep up.
  by: securityunion     02/15/2003 03:41 AM     
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