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                 02/25/2018 07:00 AM  
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02/27/2003 09:04 AM ID: 28734 Permalink   

52-year-old Granny Gives Birth to Triplets


Antonietta Mellone, 52, who has three adult children and a 6 month old grandson, is recovering in a hospital in Italy after giving birth to naturally conceived triplets.

Gabriele, Alessia and Nunzia, two girls and a boy, are doing well in the special care baby unit. Mrs Mellone said: "I have never used fertility treatment. In our family this is not unusual last year my cousin of 51 had a baby girl."

Carmine Nappi, who heads the maternity department, said: "This is an exceptional medical event. A woman of more than 50 years old giving birth naturally to triplets is something I have never heard of before."

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