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                 01/21/2018 07:41 AM  
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02/27/2003 02:24 PM ID: 28747 Permalink   

Man to Sue Rope Manufacturer after Failed Suicide Bid


Victor Dodoi, 45, was admitted into hospital after he tried to hang himself from a light fitting at his home in Botosani, northern Romania.

The rope he used broke, bringing down part of the ceiling and the light fitting down onto him.

Dodoi said to a local newspaper, about the rope manufacturers: "I want to sue them. They have caused me more misery than I felt before."

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  oh this is rich  
i thought id heard everything...suing mcdonalds for hot coffee..suing cigarette companies for this! what kind of wacked out world do we live in. i think they outta hang this guy up with a nice tight noose.
you know, take him out of his misery.
trying to kill yourself one day, and suing the next. hahaha! beautiful.
(im so sweet)
  by: shewolf   02/27/2003 02:29 PM     
  They should sue him....  
In the UK to attempt to commit suicide is a crime and can be punished. I think it is in the US as well. If so they should sue him for attempting a crime using their product and use his own evidence against him.
  by: bag     02/27/2003 03:10 PM     
  Here is another point....  
What ever his reasons for wanting to commit suicide were he now can add another one.
  by: zephan     02/28/2003 10:25 AM     
Great point zephan!! :)
  by: shewolf   03/02/2003 03:26 AM     
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