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                 04/16/2014 08:58 PM  
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03/03/2003 12:22 AM ID: 28831 Permalink   

British Human Shields Leave Baghdad


Given the ultimatum by the Iraqi government to find a likely target and stay there, 9 out of 11 original British "human shields" boarded a bus and left Baghdad Saturday night.

68-year-old Godfrey Meynell said he was leaving out of "cold fear". He along with about 200 others from around the world were summoned to a Baghdad hotel and given a list of locations, including power and water plants.

Iraqi officials pointed out that there was no need to guard what they deemed to be low-risk targets. Peace activists are concerned that they could be stationed at non-civilian sites.

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  These guys are silly  
...they basically wanted to go to Baghdad to sit around on holiday, and hangout with civilians who aren't going to be intentionally targeted by US/UK. They then are shocked when Baghdad tells them to sit on a power plant or something else of military importance. Shielding something that isn't a target is hardly being a shield. If you're committed to stop this war in this way, be committed. Don't whimp out when the poop hits the fan. Sheez.

"Blimey, I'm goin' to go to Baghdad and be a shield for non-targets." Gimme a break.
  by: CarloSkippy     03/03/2003 12:28 AM     
  what a bunch of cowards  
this is really sickening to hear about. What did they actually expect to face when they made the huge decision to leave their home and head to Iraq to do their part? I wonder if this source article is really complete, I can't believe that 9 out of 11 would be so surprised that they would take the cowardly way out.
  by: Harlequin4     03/03/2003 04:02 AM     
  The thing is  
when they left they thought they were supporting a worthy cause, but the people of iraq live in poverty and/or fear because of sadam, and going there would make it clear that by knocking him out of power you would be doing a far greater good
  by: Jono     03/03/2003 05:57 AM     
  In total agrement with ya, Carlo......  
Granola eating, anti-war idealist blow-hards are all the same. Sure, America's evil, and yes Tony Blair is our hand puppet, and of course, Saddam and his people are victimized by the west.

Then when asked to actually use their lives to deflect attack, they seem to see things our way?

....And they expected what, to happen, exactly? The Iraqis to hold up their hands and politely decline their offer?
  by: Icehearted   03/03/2003 09:03 AM     
Watch it when you sling aroung phrases like seeing things "our way." This implies unanimity of purpose or ideas, which I do not think exists.
  by: CarloSkippy     03/03/2003 01:39 PM     
Typical, talk, talk, talk, but when it comes to actually DOING, it's "um, we gotta go home and do something else." I'll bet anything they all thought they had a good excuse for leaving, but no one else did.
  by: Knightheart     03/03/2003 06:55 PM     
  not all of them left.  
There are a few who stayed behind. They have balls!
  by: JFURY     03/04/2003 01:47 AM     
Does it say where they will stay? The local whorehouse doesn't count. Heh.
  by: KnightHeart     03/04/2003 05:49 AM     
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