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                 01/23/2018 04:41 PM  
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03/05/2003 01:50 PM ID: 28894 Permalink   

Top Seed Roddick Pulls Out Of Tournament


20-year-old Andy Roddick has pulled out of what he thinks of as his home tournament after falling over and severely injuring his ankle. Roddick was playing good friend Mardy Fish who was sponsored by the Roddicks for a year.

Fish said of the match "I can't really think of a worse way to win, especially when playing one of your good friends, seeing him go down and retire, I wish it hadn't happened, but I was pretty happy with the way I played."

Roddick is no stranger to injury, he sat out of tennis for three weeks after the Australian Open in January this year. He says "The one thing that is good is I know how to come back from this type of thing."

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