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                 02/19/2018 10:54 PM  
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03/05/2003 05:10 PM ID: 28898 Permalink   

"Send your troops home and take me instead"


A woman from New Zealand has made President Bush an offer. She is willing to be crucified, literally, by Bush if he promises not to attack Iraq. Mary Grierson sent an email to the White House and letters to US newspapers detailing her offer.

The deal is that Bush would have to hammer the nails into Mary personally. "I don't think he would have the courage to do it quite frankly, but that is the measure of a man," Mary told a New Zealand Radio Station.

"Can he follow through with this aim of creating more chaos in the world if he had to do it just to one person himself?"

New Zealand is opposed to attacking Iraq unless the United Nations back up the military action.

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  15 minutes of fame  
Here is a true nut gaining media attention for preposterous offers. Why do so many idiots take this woman seriously? She belongs in a traveling circus!

  by: CArnold     03/05/2003 06:44 PM     
Why would anyone want to kill a New Zelander, and let a dangerous monster continue to control a nation and endanger the world?

Doesn't sound like much of an Idea.
  by: Mr. Osiris     03/05/2003 07:22 PM     
He should take her up on her offer, since chances are if he did, she'd back down and hide. Being famous isn't anything if you're dead.
  by: Knightheart     03/05/2003 08:15 PM     
  What if Saddam made such an offer?  
What would Bush really do if Saddam made him the same offer, not that it's likey to happen. Right idea, wrong person dying on the cross.
  by: Ramona   03/05/2003 10:30 PM     
  Saddam wouldn't take the offer  
He was already offered asylum by many arab countries. He was getting a chance to not only continue to live, but most likely in an elaborate lifestyle without ever having to pay for the millions of deaths he has caused. He chose to shrug it off. I guess he actually thinks he can make it out of this alive this time.
  by: Shaitar   03/05/2003 11:27 PM     
  attention me...  
I like to make unrealistic proposals and then poke fun at the man when he doesn't accept...either way GW was srewed on that, least through the eyes of that wacko.
  by: antispamist   03/05/2003 11:28 PM     
New Zealand only gets posted about here when we do something crazy! First its the sword attack, and now a woman with a crusifiction fetish! We really aren't that crazy :)
  by: p_g_chris   03/06/2003 03:13 AM     
  LOL @ p_g_chris  
New Zealanders aren't crazy... Some of them just suffer from attention deprivation. I think this woman feels like the Jennifer Flowers (or some other misfit celebrity) of your country, right about now.

Maybe Hollywood will pay her a visit and let her start her own reality series: "Crucifier" (or would it be more catchy if it was "Crucify Her"? Sounds the same... and I WOULD watch it!)
  by: carnold     03/06/2003 07:01 AM     
  Pretty gutsy statement  
But knowing how much response anyone gets from ANY government official when you write to them (generally none), I don't see him being forced to respond to this...although maybe the media coverage will make that necessary. I wish I could get the same media attention for all the hundreds of letters that have been written on my own family's behalf.
  by: duskieone   03/06/2003 11:34 PM     
  right idea. wrong person  
She's got it messed up. We should be crucifying george bush. he's more trouble than anyone he's trying to kill.
  by: iammaz   03/07/2003 06:07 AM     
  stupid women!  
damn what a stupid bitch....bush you can cut my balls off if you let iraq way i say go in there and kick ass!
  by: MINDERT   03/07/2003 08:41 AM     
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