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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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03/12/2003 07:07 PM ID: 29012 Permalink   

Student Set Up WebCam to Watch Room Mate Have Sex


A Livingston College first-year student was arrested when his roommate and roommate's girlfriend discovered he had set up a Web cam to watch them have sex. Lech Kolodziej set up the cam then told the couple he would be away for the whole night.

Kolodziej then went to a room nearby where he and friends watched the couple; Patrick Nitka, and his girlfriend, Domenica Rinaldi. Kolodziej's plan was foiled because the couple spent the night doing homework until they found the camera.

The couple say that they have been harassed for filing a complaint against Kolodziej but: "We didn't want it to happen to other students" said Rinaldi. Kolodziej was charged with intercepting an oral communication and was released.

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  what a great thing!  
they were being good scholars and the peekabooers got popped. losers. what a couple of dolts. great roommate as well, eh?
  by: shewolf   03/13/2003 01:51 PM     
Sounds like that guy is messed, why didn't he and his friends just goto a pornsite? same thing, heh
  by: Agret   03/14/2003 06:14 AM     
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