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                 02/25/2018 12:37 AM  
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03/14/2003 09:55 AM ID: 29053 Permalink   

Lewd Calls Prompted by Police Officers Tight Uniforms


Around 400 complaints are being filed per month by police officers who are being harassed by lewd calls from women and gay men who admire their tight uniforms.

Websites have been setup offering advice for those wishing to seduce police officers and even pictures are on offer of police in their uniforms. Senior police say that whilst the uniforms may be contributing, officers will just have to deal with it.

The majority of calls are received between midnight and 2am, and most are from men. "If we talk to them for too long they ask us out, and the gay men always talk lewdly" said one high ranking officer.

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  No Pictures?  
Well I am rather disappointed that no pictures were included or even direct links to pictures.
  by: Leiser   03/14/2003 11:03 AM     
  Thanks for the lack of Pictures...  
These are dedicated officers performing a difficult job not sex objects... I wish these modern women would stop this obvious sexual abuse.....

(Just in case you are not sure.... I'm joking LOL Although I am not really interested in the pictures :)
  by: bag     03/14/2003 11:24 AM     
  Sure don't wanna see pic's, but  
do think it's kinda funny !!
I'm surprised they don't blame it on The Village People or something. Didn't they have a camp lookin policeman?

@ Leiser: Just do a google search, I'm sure you'll find some photo's, for research purposes only, of course ;) *lol*
  by: Dubster   03/14/2003 05:27 PM     
how did people get their phone numbers?
  by: tearless   03/15/2003 01:32 AM     
/me laughs
  by: SoundLaye   03/15/2003 08:28 AM     
  @ Tearless:  
Maybe they weren't getting called at home, but whilst working nights at the police station? :)
  by: Dubster   03/15/2003 07:56 PM     
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