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                 02/26/2018 04:23 AM  
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03/26/2003 02:51 AM ID: 29307 Permalink   

Pain Can Shrink Your Brain


A study in Chicago has revealed that pain may cause a shrinkage in the old grey matter. Preliminary results of a study done by the American Pain Society saw shrinkage in the "thinking" part of the brain in persons suffering from chronic back pain.

The researchers are now trying to find out if the back pain or the shrinkage comes first. If it turns out the pain causes the brain shrinkage then: "the urgency to cure chronic pain becomes more important."

In comparisons between healthy people and those with chronic back pain it was noted that the latter had less grey matter in the thalamus region of the brain, a doctor said "We have shown that brain chemistry is abnormal in chronic back pain patients"

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  Its true! Look at Steve-o for proof! (n/t)  
  by: guilty_spark   03/26/2003 08:51 AM     
  please no Bush jokes...  
... about how much in pain he must be!!!

  by: brucehum     03/26/2003 01:54 PM     
brain chemistry is diffrent in any type of extreme feelings. Yeah and what happen swhen the pains gone... the chemicals go back to norm....
  by: infoflux2000   03/27/2003 07:38 AM     
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