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                 04/17/2014 05:25 PM  
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04/01/2003 02:06 PM ID: 29466 Permalink   

Dog Gives Birth To Kittens


In Winterveld, near Pretoria, in South Africa it has been reported that the locals are blaming witchcraft for the freak birth of kittens to a dog.

The dogs owner Elijah Mhlanga said: "On Monday my grandchildren called me and said Vodi had given birth to kittens. I did not believe them. I thought the puppies just looked like kittens to them." On seeing his dog he was shocked.

Meshack Matlou from the Animal welfare, said: "We will do some tests and the results will tell us what happened," and that he had never seen this type of thing before.

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  yet anther shining example  
Of just how Fubar this source is.
  by: Pro USA! Pro Freedom   04/01/2003 02:19 PM     
  yet ANOTHER...typos suck...  
  by: Pro USA! Pro Freedom   04/01/2003 02:21 PM     
  Ah huh  
Pro Freedom, and care to share why your hmm, one whole news, was blocked?

This a soft news, get it? As in not serious, and not meant to be. Your very bad assessment was totally unnecessary. Thanks for your oh so constructive contribution, to the SN community. One whole news, which was blocked, and you're an expert hmm?
  by: Katieay     04/01/2003 02:41 PM     
  And another shining example  
of how pathetically stupid some yanks can be.
  by: XeXo     04/01/2003 02:42 PM     
this is a soft news, yes, today is April the 1st, yes. Some guys just have any humour, tses.
  by: boolie     04/01/2003 02:46 PM     
  A South African paper originally reported this sto  
Read it and weep Mr. Pro USA Pro No Proof.

This is from News 24 in South Africa. And yes that is a real country.
  by: JFURY     04/02/2003 01:13 AM     
If MY dog ever has kittens, I'm going to have to have a talk about responsibility with my cat. =-)
  by: kolman36     04/02/2003 05:12 AM     
  Well said .. :-) [nt]  
  by: mberg     04/02/2003 08:31 PM     
  @jfury: 404 not found  
Shame - I was enjoying the Pro Freedom bashing :-)
  by: mberg     04/02/2003 08:32 PM     
delete the <b off the end of the URL.... It is valid....
  by: bag     04/02/2003 09:12 PM     
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