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04/07/2003 08:45 PM ID: 29626 Permalink   

Site has War Newscasts From Around the Globe


The Site is called "The Mother of all War Websites" ( it includes links to streams of newscasts from around the world. It uses Realvideo, Realaudio and Windows Media Player streams.

The focus of this web site is the war on Iraq and it showcases newscasts from Arab countries (Iraq included) as well as newscasts from around the world. However, not all the streams have news about Iraq.

The link below brings you to a Baghdad webcam. Click the link above for a full list of all the broadcasts. The web site claims that all the newscasts are live but after clicking on a few, you will see that this is not always the case.

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Thanks for the link JFURY
  by: DuncanHole   04/07/2003 09:39 PM     
  no problem Duncan  
This is an interesting site. I was watching the Baghdad cam yesterday and listening to English-speaking reporters talk about a female correspondent one was interested in. ;)
  by: JFURY     04/07/2003 09:43 PM     
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