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                 04/17/2014 08:55 PM  
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04/11/2003 06:24 PM ID: 29736 Permalink   

Man Fined For Smelly Feet


A man in Holland was fined $100 for having smelly feet. The man, Theunis T., would go into the University library in Delft and taking off his shoes. Other library users were upset because his feet smelled so bad, and he was asked to leave.

Theunis had been using the library for about a year and was eventually convicted of trespass after being banned because of his smelly feet. Theunis took the case to appeal but lost and had his fine more than doubled to around $250.

"I will go to the Dutch High Council. I know I'm right. The library should never have denied me entry for a reason like that." says Theunis who is 39 and comes from Rotterdam.

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my husband in jail and throw away the key :P
  by: JULESLADY     04/11/2003 06:42 PM     
And the reason he can't keep his shoes on?
  by: Knightheart     04/11/2003 07:57 PM     
i can't stop laughing for bannin him for such a ridiculous reason.

  by: BC     04/11/2003 08:04 PM     
He probably just would refuse to put his shoes back on, so what else could they have done?

  by: NSAC   04/11/2003 08:53 PM     
  I knew a guy...  
First time he came over to my house we sat in front of the tv and played video games. He feet smelled bad, but I didn't say anything. The next day I thought the cas sh*t under the couch so I moved all the furnature looking for it. The smell was coming from the very spot my friends feet were at. >:(

Next time he came over I gave him a towel and some soap as soon as he came in and told him to go wash his feet. Heh heh... Might sound like it offended him, but why should I suffer? I was really bad!
  by: fr3kazoid   04/11/2003 09:14 PM     
  I say off with his feet  
Off with his feet..
  by: tomswyer   04/11/2003 10:38 PM     
  Can you spell?  
Can you spell S-O-A-P ???
  by: Ginger Heart   04/12/2003 03:05 AM     
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