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                 02/23/2018 01:34 AM  
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04/14/2003 08:48 PM ID: 29805 Permalink   

Teen Killer Laughs At Being Sentenced to Life


Charlie De La Paz, 17, laughed and called his sentence a "joke" after being ordered to serve life for killing his 15 year old Girlfriend, Nikita Tang.

A passerby discovered the body of Tang lying, partially unclothed, behind the local city hall. The girl had mud and sticks shoved into her mouth and an autopsy showed there were marks on her neck.

De La Paz, who pleaded guilty after confessing to the murder, said the couple had sex, Tang had mocked him, and he had just snapped. De La Paz will be eligible for parole at age 53; if granted, he will be supervised for the rest of his life.

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  He Has Every Right To Laugh  
His sentence is a joke. Anything that allows a murderous scumbag to live, let alone walk out of prison ever again IS a joke. Chances are he'll be back on the streets in 10 years due to "overcrowding" or some other lameass excuse, so he can laugh at whatever court, and society, allows this to keep happening.
  by: Knightheart     04/14/2003 08:53 PM     
  and killing him  
would prevent all future murders?

In my opinion, people that break the law should spend their lives in work camps, "repaying their debt to society". It cost £27000 per year to keep a person in jail, well, he should have to work hard enough to earn that much or not get fed.
Killing people willm not stop crime, ever, its been tried for thousands of years.
Norse blood money was more effective, if you killed some one you had to pay their family money
  by: Necralis   04/14/2003 09:20 PM     
  what's sad  
What's really sad is that he doesn’t even show remorse. May God save him...
  by: qr7z   04/14/2003 09:30 PM     
  Well, lets be reasonable Knightheart...  
We need room for all these people who are POWs in the War on Drugs....
  by: bag     04/14/2003 09:59 PM     
  I agree with Bag  
because having an ounce of pot on you is much worse than strangling a 15 year old girl....

btw bag I think you were being sarcastic werent you?? :) Just in case anyone wonders, the above is also sarcasm!!
  by: JULESLADY     04/14/2003 10:18 PM     
It would certainly stop him from murdering anyone else, that's for damned sure, and to me, that's enough. All his possessions should be sold and the money given to the victim's family, but since he admitted he did it, and just laughed it off, he should be put to death. Any other "punishment" is a slap in the face to the victim, and the family will probably hear that laugh for the rest of their lives.
  by: KnightHeart     04/14/2003 10:19 PM     
  btw ...  
this is an interesting statistic (not sure of the accuracy)

and more ...
  by: 420   04/14/2003 10:50 PM     
  stupid, stupid message reformating ...  
one more try ...
  by: 420   04/14/2003 10:52 PM     
  When the Government executes...  
it becomes a muderer.
When it puts them away for life it becomes a gay dungeon master.
  by: Arthur Phrain   04/14/2003 11:24 PM     
  No sentence is proper  
No matter what the sentencing a killer with no remorse gets, people will find an excuse to go on some righteous activist march.

- If we kill him; we're barbaric.
- If we imprison him; we're wasting tax dollars on a killer.
- If we put him to work and "repay society;" we're slave drivers.

I say off with the guy and use his body for deep-sea bodily pressure experiments.
  by: Borthox   04/15/2003 12:18 AM     
  Life vs Death  
I feel that anyone that thinks death is worse than life in prison has never done time (nor have I). I, personally, would much rather be put to death than spend the rest of my life in prison.
  by: erasedgod   04/15/2003 05:01 AM     
  Poor Soul  
He will have many years to think about what he did... Poor soul, doesn't even know what type of society he's headed in (Jail).

  by: romanntiko   04/15/2003 08:49 AM     
If you guys want to feel sorry for someone, why not send some of that sympathy over to the family of the murder victim?
  by: KnightHeart     04/15/2003 09:09 PM     
  tit for tat  
the parents should be allowed to torture(to death) the murderer of their daughter.
  by: carlossal   04/18/2003 04:09 AM     
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