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                 02/21/2018 01:56 PM  
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04/15/2003 11:48 AM ID: 29814 Permalink   

Fuji And Saab Enter Collabaration


Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. and Saab Automobile are currently in talks that could see the companies in a joint venture to build compact cars for the global market. Fuji currently makes Subarus and 20% of the company belongs to GM.

Saab is fully owned by GM. The joint venture will also include Saab's being sold in Subaru dealerships in Japan, and Subaru supplying Saab dealers with their cars in the United States. The deal will cut costs for both companies.

A report on Saturday in a Japanes newspaper claimed the two companies will be looking to manufacture a compact sports car with a goal of 100,000 units sold annually. No official comment has been made by either company.

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