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                 01/23/2018 11:10 AM  
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04/27/2003 06:20 AM ID: 29994 Permalink   

Evidence found that links Iraq with al Qaeda


Journalists working in Baghdad found documents that link Iraq and the terrorist network, al Qaeda. The documents detail meetings with a representative of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network.

One of the documents said that Baghdad would like to start a long relationship with him. Officials say that Iraq and al Qaeda met because of their mutual hatred of the US.

A three page document was found about Osama bin Laden. Officials say that Iraqi agents tried clumsily to hide the details about Osama bin Laden by covering his name with correction fluid.

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  what about...  
... their mutual hatred for each other? how about some photos of these documents?
  by: hungrylikethewolf   04/27/2003 07:48 AM     
  some missing details?  
I was just about to post the story from my Canadian source ... it has a few different details ...

- A Canadian reporter supposedly found it, with a UK reporter "present" when it was found.
= The CIA had already looked over the rubble and left.

How many people think the following happened?
- The CIA looked over the rubble, added some special surprises, and left?
  by: missdeasley     04/27/2003 12:26 PM     
  CIA, forge documents, never  
The CIA would never forge a document, again, they got caught last time lol, then again its not like they'd leanr or care, so I'd say their fakes, like the galloway letters, an Iraqi general whos signiture was "illegible", classic.

Speaking of the CIA, why arent we nowe able to see these classified reports? Its not like Sadam's government exists anymore, and how is better that Sadam has done a runner with these weapons?
  by: Necralis   04/27/2003 01:00 PM     
  Total balls  
What a total load of rubbish. This is an obviously fabricated lie used in an attempt to justify the war to Americans... however, it would only fool them, as they have very little understanding of the situation in the Middle East.
Anyone who has half a clue knows that Bin Laden and Hussein hate one another, perhaps even more than they hate the US.
If the CIA thinks they can fool people into thinking that all Ay-rabs are in it together to defeat the US, they are sadly mistaken.
Remember, Bin Laden got all the cash and weapons from Saudi Arabia who funded him to overthrow Saddam's regime - a secular regime - and replace it with an Islamic fundamentalist regime.
This is offensively stupid of the CIA, or whoever it was, to attempt to suggest this link.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     04/27/2003 03:46 PM     
Yup, it's all a big giant conspiracy to turn Americans against Arabs and get them ready to take over the Middle East. Next, Bush is going to forge documents to take over Asia. Then Africa! Soon, THE WORLD!

Get a grip. There's a good chance that these are real, they just need to be authenticated by the UN. Whether this proves the US' case that Saddam and Al-Queada were trading weapons remains to be seen. But I don't find it out of the question that the two had contact with eachother.
  by: kolman36     04/27/2003 04:19 PM     
  this may have happened  
I've read the evidence they are presenting and it presents a very loose association. The first piece says that Bin Laden may have sent an Envoy to Baghdad. It is said that differences between the regime and the terrorist group may have caused some tensions. But political leaders meet envoys all the time.
Two, the allegations is that Iraqi intelligence officials tried to meet an al-Qaeda terrorist in prison. It is unclear if they were successful.
These two meetings could possibly expose ties and planning but so far there is still no evidence Iraq had anything to do with planning 9-11.
Why would the CIA fabricate this information which isn't very descriptive at all?
  by: JFURY     04/27/2003 04:45 PM     
  Remember that tape of Osama in a cave...  
the one where he's going on about smiting his enemies and all that gubbins? That was pretty worrying to the US, and demonstrated how much he hated them... until they found out it wasn't the US he was talking about, it was Iraq, and Hussein.
I fail to see how two enemies could hate one another so much, but be best of friends to attack the US.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     04/27/2003 05:26 PM     
The so-called evidence says there may have been meetings. Meetings don't mean that their is collusion. There are conspiracy theorists who say that anyone who has contact is conspiring together to do something.
Bin Laden has been pretty explicit when he says he wants to overturn secular regimes. If a democracy doesn't appear in Iraq, the US and UK may help him out.
However, remember what it was like before 9-11. Bin Laden had just began attacks against the US. Saddam may have wanted to establish ties after years of bombardment. Whether these ties were ever established is doubtful. All we have is evidence of attempted meetings from two antithetical parties.
  by: JFURY     04/27/2003 05:36 PM     
Exactly! For this reason, the title of the news is misleading. They could have been having a meeting to call one another names, whatever, we just don't know.
George Galloway met Hussein on a few occasions, Galloway is a member of the UK government, therefore, there are links between the UK and Iraq?
Governments meet envoys all the time, don't mean anything.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     04/27/2003 05:55 PM     
  Ya ok  
Do you guys have to question EVERYTHING?
Sure, some of the stuff posted on here may be fake, but geez you guys don't beleive a single thing on here about the U.S.
  by: Twista   04/27/2003 07:06 PM     
  Ya ok  
Do you guys have to question EVERYTHING?
Sure, some of the stuff posted on here may be fake, but geez you guys don't beleive a single thing on here about the U.S.
  by: Twista   04/27/2003 07:06 PM     
... I don't believe a single thing FROM the U.S.
  by: Schee   04/27/2003 10:28 PM     
Yeah, you must be another one that believes the US is out to conquer the world, so I won't take your post very seriously.
  by: kolman36     04/27/2003 10:53 PM     
Questioning things is part of the luxury of
'living in the free world', something you tanks
are keen to quote at every opportunity.
If only a few hundred thousand more US
citzens would do some questioning of their
Being skeptical of your government
(wherever it may be, not just the US) is
healthy and may even improve the political
just don't believe everything
a/ your politicians say
b/ your news media tells you to think
c/ you read on the web....
  by: boonierat   04/29/2003 12:38 PM     
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