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                 02/20/2018 08:48 AM  
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04/27/2003 01:05 PM ID: 29995 Permalink   

British Supermarkets Slash Petrol Prices Again


The Asda supermarkets have announced a cut of 1p on the liter of petrol, forcing other chains to follow the lead. This follows cuts last week.

A spokesman for the AA said: "There was lot of concern that the price of petrol would increase in the run up to conflict in the Gulf so the fact it is falling is very positive. It is also typical of the supermarkets to be leading the way in the UK."

An Asda spokesperson said: "We wanted to pass on the continuing fall in the price of crude to our customers as soon as possible."

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Supermarkets make no money, or a loss, on every litre of petrol they sell. They make their money on people shopping in their stores. They undercut the normal petrol stations in order to get the customers into their shops, where they make money on marked-up goods.

A similar tactic is employed by most supermarkets with regards to things like entertainment products - they sell CDs cheaper than anywhere else, making no profit on them, just to get people into their stores to do their shopping... they then make their profit on inflated groceries.

Safeway is perhaps the worst offender - in my area, at least, we get a weekly leaflet through the door with Safeway's offers this week - they sell selected products at crazy prices, like, for example, 2 litres of Coke for 90p - this gets people into their stores to do their shopping, where they end up paying over-the-odds for everything else in their shopping trolley, but get the coke cheap.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     04/27/2003 03:55 PM     
I just want to note that Asda is owned by Wal Mart which is doing the same thing in the US. They are selling gas at locations at prices cheaper than regular gas stations can possibly afford.
The only difference is the effects are probably more damaging in the UK where people can easily drive to an Asda whereas in the US we have hundreds and hundreds of miles people need to fuel up after.
  by: JFURY     04/27/2003 05:43 PM     
Why go to my Shell garage, selling fuel at 75.9p/l, when I can drive 200 yards more to my Safeway, which is selling fuel at 74.9p/l, AND, if I do my shopping there, I get a voucher for 2p/l off my fuel!

However, drive along a British motorway and witness the rip-off prices at the motorway service stations - fuel can be as much as 5p/l more, just because the station is on the motorway - captive audience, rip them off.
  by: stephen.mcmahon     04/27/2003 05:59 PM     
There was a gov report on UK service stations, apperently there prices are fair, lol.
I was unaware Supermartkets sold overpriced goods, Iknow they have double the US profit margins and markups, but they dont really create price fixing syndicates.
  by: Necralis   04/28/2003 12:43 AM     
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