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                 04/23/2014 08:02 PM  
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05/06/2003 05:56 AM ID: 30124 Permalink   

US Forces Capture 'Chemical Sally'


"Chemical Sally" is more recently known as the 5 of hearts in the 'Top 55 Most Wanted Iraqis' pack of cards. Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, Sally's real name, was captured by US forces and was taken into custody on Sunday. Sally was 53 on the list of 55.

Ammash is one of Iraq's biological weapons scientists say defence officials. Ammash is believed to have been a key figure in rebuilding Baghdad's biological weapon capabilities.

Ammash has a master of science in microbiology from TWU in Texas, and is said to have been trained by the father of Iraqis biological weapons program: Nassir al'Hindawi.

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  Mrs. Anthrax  
I read in another story that Bush and other senior "experts" refer to this lady as Mrs. Antrax.

It must be very entertaining for them to make up funny names for people. I guess it's easier to remember than their real names, especially when your name is President Dubya.

On another note, I find it quite disturbing that the US makes so many claims about this person and her evil-doings without presenting any proof at all. But even more disturbing is the fact that the rest of the world is now so scared of the US that nobody dares to question these assertions.

No, it's off to Guantanamo with Mrs. Anthrax and into the land of "No Human Rights And No Geneva Convention"
  by: mberg     05/07/2003 08:54 AM     
And may she ROT in peace.
  by: tomswyer   05/07/2003 10:07 PM     
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